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remote monitoring with auxiliary contacts

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  1. pceg
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    13 Oct 2016
    13 Oct 2016
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    Hi , 

    I am doing my university practice in an  engineering company ; at this time I 'm new working in the  domain of LV electrical protection ; 

    about MCCB design : my company works worlwide with several vendors ( depending on prescription of our customers) ; so ,we offen integrate the "auxiliary contacts" ( as an optional choice from the most vendors ) for the different functions & alarms ; currently we do that on the base of our customers specifications ;

    In some cases I discoverd that for LV POWER MCCB's ( contiuous current from 200 amps up to 800 Amps range where we have applications ) we provide generally 4 to 5 auxiliary switches  in average for 1 MCCB unit 

    >>> I 'm not sure that 4 or 5  auxiliary contacts are generally necessary ...?!

    Please may somebody summary / resume :

    - which functions are generaly needed to be monitored ? 
    - which of them are mandatory ?
    - about ABB experience or from other source experience : what is the "average" number of functions / - -switches per MCCB circuit breaker? ( contact positions : 2 to 3 , alarm switch, overcurrent switch ...)

    - Does ABB for POWER MCCB provide the monitoring functions as a standard feature ? 
    if yes , which functions / auxiliary contacts 
    if no , based on yur experience : what is average number of fuctions / auxiliary contacts & for which functions ? 

    do some customer not monitor the MCCB ? in which case or situation ? if yes does this often happen ? 

    Sorry about these askings ...I 'm a beginner & need some urgent  help 

1 posts, 0 featured
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