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LEAP Easy Audit Free

LEAP Easy Audit is a free report available to all ABB Emax
circuit breaker owners.

You will receive a statistical report based on application and environmental
conditions that you provide.

For instructions on how to register: How to register on the website.

To review a sample report:              Easy Audit Sample.

To go directly to the website:          LEAP FREE EZ Audit Tool

LEAP + Maintenance Activities

The LEAP Audit plus maintenance activity is a stand-alone service.

 An ABB Field Service Engineer performs maintenance activity at your site.  

 A report is generated with information about installation conditions and
maintenance activities performed plus a list of recommended
future maintenance activities.

Contact your local ABB Service Business Development Manager for pricing.

LEAP Audit

The full LEAP audit utilizes actual historical data downloaded from the circuit breaker utilizing the Ekip Connect Software, and the BT030 Bluetooth device.

These accessories can be purchased by placing an order with your local distributor or by contacting your local ABB/Tnb Sales Representative.

The report cost is $150.00 USD, per breaker.

Follow the below instruction to download the data, complete the audit spreadsheet and send the downloaded file along with your purchase order.

How to download files from Ekip 2.0 & Audit Instructions.

LEAP Audit Spreadsheet for submitting additional data.

You will receive a breaker specific report with real time circuit breaker health and a proposal of short and long term maintenance activities.

To review a full audit sample report:  Full Audit Sample.

(Preventative Maintenance Program)

Our most comprehensive solution integrates the full on-site LEAP Audit with a preventative maintenance program. (PMP)

A targeted, scheduled maintenance program completed by ABB Field Service Engineers provides customers the added value and security of original manufacturer expertise.  

An extended warranty is available, access to spare parts at reduced cost, and access to ABB's engineers and technicians for consulting and troubleshooting of your Emax breakers.

Contact your local ABB LP Service Business Development Manager for pricing. 

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